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2022 №24

Author: Igor E. Loshchilov
About the author:

Igor E. Loshchilov — PhD in Philology, Researcher, Institute of Philology of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Nikolaeva 8, 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia.


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Author 2: Tatyana V. Sosnora
About the author 2:

Tatyana V. Sosnora — Independent Researcher, St. Petersburg, Russia

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The article is devoted to the reconstruction of the history of Siberian travels and performances of the poet Victor Sosnora (1936–2019) in 1964–1966. During this short period, the poet had visited Siberia four times. Our study focuses not only on Sosnora’s speech during the 5th Poetry Day at the Novosibirsk Electrotechnical Institute (NSTU), held in the spring of 1966, but also on publications and discussions in the institute newspaper “Energiia” (“Energy”). Materials from other newspapers, published in Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Omsk are also used (namely, “For Science from Siberia,” “Youth of Siberia,” the “Soviet Siberia,” “East Siberian Truth,” “Young Siberian,” “Soviet Youth,” etc.). In the mid-1960s a certain group of students (E.S. Sсhurygin, Yu.N. Kislyakov), as well as of people of literature (E.G. Rappoport, A.G. Rappoport, E.K. Stewart, I.O. Fonyakov, B.G. Polovnikov), art (N.D. Gritsyuk) and science (A.D. Aleksandrov, V.L. Glebov) was formed in Novosibirsk. It was up to these people to realize the importance of such literary phenomenon as Victor Sosnora. His poetry, which by that moment had entered the period of maturity, had enthusiastic admirers in Siberia. Among them was the critic and literary historian E.G. Rappoport who happened to meet Sosnora in Leningrad earlier than others. It was also up to him to organize his travels to siberian cities and to help him with publications in local press. Extensive empirical materials concerning the reception of Sosnora’s poetry in Siberia at the time of heated discussions between so called “physicists” and “lyricists” has been collected. A special place among these publications is occupied by the article about Sosnorа written by student Evgeny Sсhurygin. This article caused a heated discussion in the press. In its turn, such travels, as well as his involvement in the avant-garde artists of the “first call” (N.N. Aseev, L.Yu. Brik), happened to strengthen in the poet the feeling of himself as a medieval poet-juggler, up to whom it is to subordinate the mighty of this world with the help of his charm and talent. Traces of the Siberian theme are also presented in the poetry and prose of Victor Sosnora.

Keywords: Victor Sosnora, Siberian literature, Siberian press, Days of Poetry at NSTU, Russian poetry of the 20th century, dispute between “physicists” and “lyricists.”
For citation:

Loshchilov, I.E., Sosnora, T.V. “Victor Sosnora’s Siberian Poetry Tours (1960s).” Literaturnyi fakt, no. 2 (24), 2022, pp. 104–131. (In Russ.)


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We express our gratitude to Alexander G. Rappoport, Yuri N. Kislyakov and staff of the Scientific Library of the NSTU, where complete sets of the newspaper “Energiia” are kept.