The book is supplied with a bibliography of the main publications of Nabokov’s correspondence in Russian and in English. This is the first book of our new publishing house “Litfakt”. And it is very flattering that it immediately appeared in January’s Top-10 selected by the store of intellectual literature “Falanster” ( We would like to congratulate A. A. Babikov for the excellent research. "LF" announces his next journal publication from the archive of Nabokov: Discarded limbs and unfinished torsos. The manuscript of the Rayskaya Ptitsa (Bird of Paradise) and the early version of Solus Rex in the idea of Lolita”- read in the sixth issue.

The second issue of the new series Biblioteka Litnasledstva has recently been published:
Vladimir Nabokov. Correspondence with Mikhail Karpovich. 1933-1959. Ed. by Andrey Babikov. Moscow: Litfakt, 2018. Series "Biblioteka Litnasledstva".
The book was prepared by the constant contributor to the Literary fact journal – Andrey Babikov.

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