2016 №1-2

Author: Sergei Panov
About the author:

Sergei I. Panov, PhD, A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

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Some episodes of the history of Arzamas literary society (founded 1815) are specified on the basis of its members’ unpublished letters. Young prince P.A. Vyazemsky’s letter (1809) is an early example of the humorous epistolary style (“gallimatia”) typical for the friendly letter exchange in Arzamas. A.I. Turgenev’s letter to Vyazemsky (1809) is the first announcement about the foundation of Arzamas that was sent from Petersburg to Moscow. In 1816 P.I. Poletika, a diplomat, writes from London to S.S. Uvarov, a trustee of Petersburg educational circuit, a business letter in Arzamas style. Other persons involved in the story are V.A. Zhukovsky and V.L. Pushkin, the secretary and the warden of Arzamas.

Keywords: literary societies, Arzamas, P.A. Vyazemsky, V.A. Zhukovsky, friendly letter, “gallimatia” of Arzamas, Russian literary history of the XIXth century.

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