DSc in Philology

Associate Professor at the Department of Studies in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication, University of Milan (Milan, Italy).


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Research interests:

Russian studies, Polish studies, literary criticism, cultural history, bibliography, Russian culture and literature of the 18th century, Polish culture and literature of the 18th century, the history of the Silver Age culture, the first wave of Russian emigration, Russian popular printed graphics (lubki prints).

PhD thesis:

“Study of the burlesque poetry of V.I. Maikov” (“Studien zu den burlesken Dichtungen V.I. Majkovs”) (1996).

Doctoral dissertation:

“Literature and society. Literary and philological associations of pre-revolutionary Russia” (“Literatur und Öffentlichkeit. Literarische und philologische Vereinigungen im vorrevolutionären Russland”) (2002).

Organizational activities:

Member of the editorial board of the book series of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Literary heritage”.

Member of the editorial board of the journals “Studia Litterarum” (Moscow), “Literaturnyi fakt” (Moscow), “House of Russian Abroad Annual” (Moscow), the book series of the journal “Quaestio Rossica” (Yekaterinburg).

Member of Study Group on eighteenth Century Russia (UK).

Teaching activities:

Professor in the History of Russian Culture, University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano, Dipartimento di scienze della mediazione linguistica e culturale).


Selected scientific publications

Selected Essays

  • “On the Editorial Archive of the Journal ‘Russkiye Zapiski’.” Emigrantica et cetera: To the 60th Anniversary of Oleg Korostelev, ed. and comp. by E.R. Ponomarev, M. Schruba. Moscow, Dmitrii Sechin Publ., 2019, pp. 482–499. (In Russ.)
  • “Russia as a Place of Action in Modern Polish Literature (Sławomir Mrożek, Janusz Głowacki, Jacek Dukaj).” Rusistica Latviensis, vol. 7. Riga, 2018, pp. 178–191. (In Russ.)
  • “On the Functions of Pseudonyms (Based on Correspondence of the Russian Émigré Leaders of the First Wave).” Pseudonyms of the Russian Diaspora. Materials and Research, ed. by M. Schruba and O. Korostelev. Мoscow, 2016, pp. 38–53. (In Russ.)
  • “Panache and Libertinage in Russian Folk Pictures.” Russian Literature, vol. 76, no. 1–2, 2014, pp. 151–165. (In Russ.)
  • “M.M. Kheraskov’s ‘Ars poetica’.” Russian Literature, vol. 75, no. 1–4, 2014, pp. 535–561. (co-authored with Michela Venditti) (In Russ.)
  • “The Harvard Episode of D.I. Chizhevsky’s Biography (Based on Correspondence with M.M. Karpovich).” Slavianovedenie, no. 4, 2014, pp. 57–64. (In Russ.)
  • “Russland als Schauplatz der polnischen Gegenwartsliteratur (Sławomir Mrożek, Janusz Głowacki, Jacek Dukaj).” Zeitschrift für Slavische Philologie, Bd. 68, Heft 2, 2011, S. 359–375. (In German)
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