Andrey F. Kofman


DSc in Philology,

Director of Research, Head of the Department of European and American Literature of the Modern Time, Deputy Director of IWL RAS


Graduated from the Chair of Roman and German Philology, Philology Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1976; graduate studies at the Chair of Foreign Literature, Philology Department, Moscow State University: 1976–1979

PhD thesis:

Artistic Specificity of Songs and Lyric Genres in Mexican Folklore (1982)

Dsc (Habil.) thesis:

Southern American Literary Imago Mundi (1999)

Research interests: 

Folklore, literature, history of South America, literary studies, art history

Professional Service

Member of the Committee for the Complex Study of the Culture of Pyrenean Peninsula and South America

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Studia Litterarum

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Latinskaya Amerika

Executive editor in charge of Southern American section of the journal Literatura Dvuh Amerik

International teaching experience

Lecture course “Literary Categories as Applied to Literary Texts” for graduate students of the Slavic Department, São-Paulo University (Brazil).

Lecture course “Typological Traits of Southern American Culture” at the University of Toluca, Toluca, Mexico.

Lecture course “Time and Space in the Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature” for graduate students of the Slavic Department, São-Paulo University (Brazil).

Lecture course “Literary Imago Mundi in the Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature” for graduate students of the Slavic Department, São-Paulo University (Brazil).

Lectures on Southern American Culture at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).


Winner of the Russian National Award “Cherished Dream” in children’s literature (2006) for the novel Tierra Adelante! (Moscow, 2003)

Best author of 2004 for the series of essays The Knights of the New World. Awarded by the Institute of Latin America and the Editorial Board of the journal Latinskaya Amerika

Award of the journal Inostrannaya Literatura for the essay on Octavio Paz (1991)


Academic publications — about 200 publications, including 9 monographs.

Selected scientific publications


  • It Cost Peru! Petersburg, Kriga Publ., 2022. In Russ.
  • Spanish Conquistador. From Text to the Reconstruction of the Personality Type.Moscow, IWL RAS Publ., 2016. (In Russ.)
  • Three Chronicles of the Conquest of America.  Petersburg, Symposium Publ., 2009. (In Russ.)
  • Cortés and His Captains. Moscow, Pan-Press Publ., (In Russ.)
  • Knights of the New World. Moscow, Pan-Press Publ., 2006 (reprint., 2007). (In Russ.)
  • The America of Unfulfilled Wonders. Moscow, Profobrazovanie Publ., 2001. (In Russ.)
  • Three Chronicles of the Conquest of America.Moscow, Nasledie Publ., 1997. (In Russ.)
  • Southern American Literary Imago Mundi.Moscow, Nasledie Publ., 1997. (In Russ.)

Selected essays

  • “Greetings from Havana: MAPRYAL Forum in Cuba.” Literature of the Americas, no. 14, 2023, pp. 443–450. (In Russ.)
  • “Hernan Cortes. The First Relation Letter to the Emperor. The Spaniards in the Island of Cozumel. Commented Translation.” Latinskaia America, no. 3, 2022, pp. 6–21. DOI: 10.31857/S0044748X0018838-0. (In Russ.)
  • “Chingiz Aytmatov’s Fictional World.” Studia Litterarum, vol. 4, no. 2, 2019, pp. 292–311. DOI: 10.22455/2500-4247-2019-4-2-292-311. (In Russ.)
  • “Literary Trends: For the Project Dictionary of Literary Trends in the Twentieth Century Europe and America.” Studia Litterarum, vol. 1no.1–2, 2016, pp. 26–46. DOI:10.22455/ 2500-4247-2016-1-1-2-26-46. (In Russ.)
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