Literary Fact is a scholarly philological journal established by the A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2016.

The journal considers fundamental original scientific studies on the history of Russian literature and literatures of the peoples of Russian Federation and literatures of the peoples of the world, textology, source studies, and the history of philological science. The main objective defining journal’s editorial policy is the publication of archival materials that have not previously appeared in print. The introductory article for a publication of that kind should contain, above all, textual, historical, literary and other types of commentary, specified by the content.

The journal is aimed at professional audience of experts in Russian literature as well as readers interested in the in-depth study of recent achievements of philology. Its main goal is to present hard-to-access archival materials and related original studies to domestic and foreign experts.

All the materials go through the obligatory process of double-blind peer review. Among our reviewers are leading scholars from all over the world: members of the Editorial Board, International Editorial Council, and other invited experts, authoritative experts in their specific fields of philological knowledge.