The structure of Literary Fact implies both permanent and optional subject headings, the filling of which is due to the receipt of materials in relevant fields of modern philological science.

Subject headings are oriented at the nomenclature of specializations of philology researchers (The Order of the Ministery of Education of the Russian Federation from 24-02-2021 № 118) in the branch

5.9.1. Russian literature and literatures of the peoples of Russian Federation 

5.9.2. Literatures of the peoples of the world

Permanent subject headings

  • From Literary Heritage
  • Memoirs. Letters. Diaries
  • Biographica
  • Articles. Notes. Materials
  • From Scolar Heritage

Optional subject headings are devoted to relevant events of academic life, as well as anniversaries and memorable dates, certain personalities and literary texts of particular interest to modern literary criticism. Forming an editorial portfolio, the editorial board focuses primarily on materials that can make a significant contribution to the development of literary history, source studies and textology:

  • Bibliography
  • Textology Issues
  • Comment problems
  • Literary Societies and Institutions
  • Reviews. Critique. Chronicle
  • Literary Guides and Dictionaries
  • In Memoriam

Each journal department is

  - Academic

  - Peer-Reviewed

  - Indexed