The forth issue of the scientific series Literature. XX Century has been published:

Literature and Revolution. XX Century. Ed. by O. Panova, V. Popova, V. Tolmatchoff. Moscow: Litfact Publ., 2018. Issue 4. - 544 p. - 9 ill. PDF

As the edition coincides with the centenary of the Russian revolution, the major part of the papers is focused on the influence of the event on the Western and Russian literature and culture (including the Russian Émigré literature), as well as on the Soviet-Western literary and cultural contacts of the 1920–1930s. The issue also considers the impact of various XXth century revolutions (political, social, aesthetic, technical, etc.) over European and American literature and culture.

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The present edition continues the scientific series «Literature. XX century» (issue I – “Faces and Facets of the XXth Century”, 2009; issue 2 – “Literature and War. XX Century”, 2013; issue 3 – “Literature and Ideology. XX Century”, 2016) based on the materials of the International prof. Leonid Andreev memorial conferences “Faces and Facets of the XXth Century” regularly hosted by the Faculty of Philology, Lomonosov State University of Moscow (MGU).