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2024. no. 2 (32) 

Author: Nikolaev, D.D.
About the author:

Dmitry D. Nikolaev, DSc in Philology, Leading Research Fellow, A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Povarskaya St., 25A, bld. 1, 121069 Moscow, Russia. 


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The article examines the literary-critical and journalistic reception of I.S. Shmelev’s works in the USSR, along with the history of publication and interpretation of his works in the pre-war period. The subject of the analysis is the corpus of articles, essays, and reviews published in the newspapers “Pravda,” “Izvestiia,” “Literaturnaia Gazeta,” the journals “Pechat’ i Revoliutsiia,” “Krasnaia Nov,” “Prozhektor,” “Biulleten’ Knigi,” etc., collections of works by Shmelev, adstracts dedicated to him in the “Histories of Russian Literature” by V.L. Lvov- Rogachevsky, V.E. Evgeniev-Maksimov, B.V. Mikhailovsky, and others mentions of the writer’s name in the central Soviet press. Shmelev actively published until 1929, despite the writer’s anti-Soviet position in emigration. The negative reviews that began to appear in the USSR after the publication of the “Solntse Mertvykh” did not delete Shmelev’s name from the history of literature and the modern literary process. He was still considered one of the most significant Russian writers and even included in the study program of universities.

Keywords: I.S. Shmelev, reception, literary criticism, journalism, B.V. Mikhailovsky, V.L. Lvov-Rogachevsky.
For citation:

Nikolaev, D.D. “Shmelev in the USSR. (Chapter One: Editions and Reception in Pre-War Period).” Literaturnyi fakt, no. 2 (32), 2024, pp. 263–291. (In Russ.) 


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