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2024 № 2 (32) 

Author: Druzhinin, P.A.
About the author:

Petr A. Druzhinin, PhD in History, Senior Researcher, V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Volkhonka St., 12, 119019 Moscow, Russia. 


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The article is dedicated to the handwritten legacy of Isaac Babel and examines the writer’s letters, inscriptions, and drawings introduced into scientific circulation in the last decade. Based on the analysis of these findings, the article concludes that all these “autographs of Isaac Babel” are hoaxes of varying degrees of persuasiveness. These results confirm the effectiveness of philological methods for recognizing falsified manuscripts of the classics of literature. The article pays special attention to the analysis of Isaac Babel’s gift inscription to Solomon Mikhoels, written partly in Yiddish. The research establishes that the text of the inscription testifies to the writer’s poor command of Yiddish, which in turn refutes the possibility of the authenticity of such an inscription as a whole. The issues considered in the article correlate with the general problems of modern textual criticism. 

Keywords: Isaac Babel, Judaica, Yiddish, Solomon Mikhoels, textual criticism, manuscript, signature, fake, counterfeit, forgery, falsifier, language of writers.
For citation:

Druzhinin, P.A. “The Falsifications of Isaac Babels Manuscripts and Their Recognition.” Literaturnyi fakt, no. 2 (32), 2024, pp. 136–160. (In Russ.) 

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