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2024 №31

Author: Alla B. Rudneva
About the author:

Alla B. Rudneva — Senior Researcher, the Keeper of the N.V. Kuzmin and T.A. Mavrina’s Сollection, The Alexander Pushkin State Museum, Prechistenka 12/2, 119034 Moscow, Russia.


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The letters of T.G. Tsiavlovskaya addressed to the Moscow artists N.V. Kuzmin and T.A. Mavrina, illustrators of A.S. Pushkin works, discuss the problems associated with the study of the poet’s biography. One of the important topics is the continuation of work on the Chronicle of Pushkin’s Life and Work, the first volume of which was published under the editorship of M.A. Tsiavlovskii in 1951 and ended with Pushkin’s stay in Mikhailovskoye. T.G. Tsiavlovskaya has devoted more than 20 years to the continuation of this fundamental work. Another important milestone in her work was the book “Pushkin’s Drawings,” which Tsiavlovskaya published in 1970 as well as the movie with the same title, filmed by the Central Television order according to her script in 1964. The preparation of this publication is also one of the central topics of the researcher’s correspondence with his correspondents. T.G. Tsiavlovskaya was able to identify many of the Pushkin manuscripts depicted on the pages, clarify the names of his acquaintances, comment on many drawings, relying on a deep knowledge of both the historical context and the circle of acquaintances and friends of the poet. Part of the letters is devoted to reviewing N.V. Kuzmin’s illustrations for the novel “Eugene Onegin” and “Epigrams of A.S. Pushkin,” combined by the artist into one book. The article also deals with preserving the memory of the poet in connection with the opening of a new museum on Prechistenka.

Keywords: Letters from T.G. Tsiavlovskaya to N.V. Kuzmin and T.A. Mavrina, the illustrations for creative works; “Pushkin’s drawings,” almanac “Prometheus.”
For citation:

Rudneva, A.В. “Letters from T.G. Tsiavlovskaya to N.V. Kuzmin and T.A. Mavrina from the Collection of the Alexander Pushkin State Museum.” Literaturnyi fakt, no. 1 (31), 2024, pp. 310–323. (In Russ.)


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