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2022 №24

Author: Pavel F. Uspensky
About the author:

Pavel F. Uspensky — PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, School of Philological Studies (Faculty of Humanities), National Research University Higher School of Economics, Staraya Basmannaya Street 21/4, Building 1, 105066 Moscow, Russia.


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The article is devoted to the poet, translator and literary historian Pavel Petrovich Filip(p)ovich (1891–1937). Filipovich is known as the most outstanding figure in Ukrainian culture of the 1920s –1930s.: a poet who was a member of the “neoclassics” association, a translator into Ukrainian of poems by Pushkin and Bryusov, a researcher of Ukrainian literature. The Russian-language heritage of Filippovich is less well-known: under his real name he studied the works of Baratynsky, and under the pseudonym P. Zorev published his poetry in modernist magazines. The dictionary article about Philip(p)ovich sheds light on little-known pages of his creative biography of the Russian period.

Keywords: P. Fili(p)ovich, Kyiv literary life in 1900s –1910s, E.A. Baratynsky; modernism, history of literature.
For citation:

Uspensky, P.F. “Pavel Petrovich Filip(p)ovich: Article for the Dictionary ‘Russian Writers’.” Literaturnyi fakt, 2022, no. 2 (24), pp. 95–103. (In Russ.)


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