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2022 №23

Author: Alexander L. Sobolev
About the author:

Alexander L’vovich Sobolev — independent researcher, Moscow, Russia.

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Arthur Sigismundovich Khominsky (1888 — after 1917) was a Kyiv poet and prose writer, the author of five poetry collections and a prose book “The Comfort of Jenkini” (1914). He called himself the founder of the “Alexander Blok Society” in Kyiv, sometimes being more radical in his own creative experiments than Russian symbolism Maitre. Together with Mikhail P. Aleхeev and the poet Maxim F. Rylsky they organized the literary group “Kyiv Anthropophages”, which existed in 1914–1915. The article and comment are attached to the publication of Arthur Khominsky’s creative heritage from the archive of Aleхeev who became an Academician later. Hitherto unknown Khominsky's letters to Aleхeev as well as his poetic and prose texts not only help to complete his image as an extraordinary author but contain interesting facts about literary life of the 1910s.

Keywords: writer’s biography, literary societies and groups, creative heritage, literary avant-garde of the 1910s, Arthur Khominsky, Alexander Blok, Mikhail P. Alekseev, publication of archive documents.
For citation:

Sobolev, A.L. “New Materials about Arthur Khominsky (His Letters to Mikhail P. Alexeev).” Literaturnyi fakt, 2022, № 1 (23), pp. 164–181.


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