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2021 №20

Author: Monika V. Orlova
About the author:

Monika V. Orlova, PhD in Philology, Leading Research Fellow, Federal State Educational Institution of Culture “Vladimir Dahl Russian State Literary Museum” (The State Literature museum), Mira avenue 30, 129090 Moscow, Russia.

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The publication was financially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), grant no. 20-012-00460 d. 28.02.2020 г. “Valery Yakovlevich Bryusov. Correspondence: Annotated Catalogue”.

The publication includes V.Ya. Bryusov’s letters to his fiancée I.M. Runt (1876 –1965) from June 9 to September 9, 1897. 11 correspondences, including the final telegram sent from Kursk, were written and sent from Aachen (Germany), Moscow and several Ukrainian localities. The letter 10 is accompanied by the full text of I.M. Runt’s only surviving letter to Bryusov, sent from Moscow to the village of Bolshye Sorochintsy and received by the poet a few months later at home. The relationship between the young people before the wedding were complicated. While the poet was preparing for the wedding in Moscow, he summed up the past contacts with “mes amantes”, and his state of mind was painful. Shortly before meeting his future wife, Bryusov broke up with the former governess of his family E.I. Pavlovskaya, who was terminally ill. A few days before the wedding he decided to go to say goodbye to Pavlovskaya to her homeland, Ukraine. In his letters to the future wife the poet tried to smooth out the tension of the situation, perhaps anticipating that he would be bounded with I.M. Runt 30 Литературный факт. 2021. № 2 (20) by a long-term relationship, where life and literature are closely interconnected. The letters are published for the first time.

Keywords: V. Bryusov, Ioanna Bryusova, correspondence, letters to the future wife, Russian literature of the late 19th century, publication of archival documents.
For citation:

Orlova, M.V. “V. Bryusov’s Letters to His Fiancée”. Literaturnyi fakt, no. 2 (20), 2021, pp. 8 –30. (In Russ.)


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