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Author: Andrei Ustinov
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About the author:

Andrei Ustinov, Dr. Phil. Hab., Director of “Aquilon” Books & Publishing, San Francisco, USA.

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Scholarly and literary magazine Hermes was issued in Moscow by a group of young philologists and poets in 1922‒1923. Its editors were B.V. Gornung and M.M. Kenigsberg. The magazine was well-known in literary circles of Moscow and Petrograd. It consisted of several sections dedicated to poetry, prose, scholarly essays, reviews and chronicle and was issued in twelve typewritten copies; there appeared three full issues. The magazine ceased to exist in 1924; its 4th and last issue had only one section devoted to fiction. Hermes has been studied thoroughly, many materials from the magazine have been republished. The paper contains supplements and commentaries that have to deal with the reception of N. Gumilev’s and M. Kuzmin’s works in the magazine (publication of M. Kuzmin’s poems, N. Wolkenau’s review of M. Kuzmin’s collection of poetry, M. Kenigsberg’s review of P. Muratov’s book of short stories, L. Gornung’s review of N. Gumilev’s post mortem poetic collection To the Blue Star).

Keywords: : Journal Hermes, Moscow linguistic circle, history of literary criticism and periodical press, M. Kuzmin, N. Gumilev.
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