PhD in Philology,

Researcher, Department of Scientific Edition, IWL RAS,

Member of Council of Young Scholars, IWL RAS


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2009–2014 — Faculty of Philology, Novosibirsk State University

2017–2020 — PhD student at IWL RAS

PhD thesis:

The Old Printed Sobornik of 1647 as a Literary Whole (2020)

Research interests:

Old Russian collections, poetics and hermeneutics of Old Russian literature, homiletics, apocrypha.


Selected scientific publications


  • “The Relationship between the Concepts ‘Moscow, Third Rome’ and ‘Moscow, New Israel’ and Their Role in the Epilogue to Sobornik of 1647.” Vestnik Kostromskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta, vol. 26, no. 3, 2020, pp. 122–127. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.34216/1998-0817-2020-26-3-122-127 
  • “Eusebius’ Homily ‘On the Descent of John the Baptist into Hell’: A Short and a Long Versions.” Letniaia shkola po russkoi literature, vol. 16, no. 1, 2, 2020, pp. 3–10. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.26172/2587-8190-2020-16-1-2-3-10 
  • “On the Issue of Manuscript Sources of the Sobornik of 1647.” Modern Humanities Success, no. 4, 2019, pp. 167–175. (In Russ.)
  • “On the Conceptual Role of Citations in the Afterword of the Sobornik of 1647.” Proceedings of the 55th International Scientific Student Conference ISSC–2017: Literary Studies. Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk National Research State University Publ., 2017, pp. 14–16. (In Russ.)
  • “Afterword of the Sobornik of 1647 as an Auxiliary Document in the Study of its Genre Specificity.” Proceedings of the 54th International Scientific Student Conference ISSC–2016: Literary Studies. Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk National Research State University Publ., 2016, pp. 13–14. (In Russ.)
  • “Literary Sources of the Sobornik of 1647.” Proceedings of the 52nd International Scientific Student Conference ISSC–2014: Literary Studies. Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk National Research State University Publ., 2014, p. 20. (In Russ.)