2018 №9

Author: Elena Takho-Godi (ed. and notes)
About the author:

Elena Takho-Godi, Dr. of Philol. Sci., Professor, Department of History of Russian Literature, Lomonosov Moscow State University; leading research associate, Gorky Institute of World Literature (IMLI), Russian Academy of Sciences; Head of the Research Department, Library of history of Russian philosophy and culture “A.F. Losev House”, Moscow, Russia.

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The first part of the publication presents a sample of lyrical poems of a well-known Lermontov scholar and expert on Caucasian history L.P. Semenov (1886–1959), created in the early twentieth century, with the Silver age on the wane, in 1912–1919 and stored in the Semenov — Takho-Godi personal archive. The second part of the publication reproduces two poems and humoresque from the family journal ‘Mayak’, as well as two poems of 1947–1948 related to the appearance of this home edition. All the texts of 1947–1948 were written by L.P. Semenov under the pseudonym of L. Glybov.

Keywords: L. P. Semenov, archival collection, poems, family journal.
For citation:

Semenov Leonid. I. Poems of 1912–1919. II. Poems and humoresque from the family journal “Mayak” of 1947–1948, ed. and notes by Elena Takho-Godi. Literary fact, 2018, no. 9, pp. 228–243.