Elena Obatnina. Studies on Alexey Remizov’s creative biography: “La vie”, or living “miraculously”. Paris, 1924–1925

Alexey Remizov. “At the Evening Dawn”. A chapter from the manuscript; Letters to S.P. Remizova-Dovgello. 1924, comment. E. Obatnina, E. Obatnina and A. Uryupina


Margarita Pavlova. Materials for the creative biography of Tatyana Gippius (Based on the artist’s “diaries” for 1906–1908). Part I

Olga Kuznetsova. “I ended up in this gray and uninteresting city…”: From Valery Pereleshin’s Shanghai letters to his mother, 1943–1946

Alexander Kryukov, Nadezhda Tarkhova. “In Moscow there’s nobody to talk about Lermontov with”: Correspondence of Emma Gershtein and Boris Eikhenbaum


Abram Reitblat. Nikolay Polevoy and the Third Section

Svetlana Voloshina. State power and the press: On the participation of foreign correspondents of the newspaper “Golos” (“The Voice”) in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878


Sergey Nikolaev. “Russian poetry mechanism” in the context of historical poetics

Alexandra Romanova. “There was little work to do…”: Ivan Goncharov as a translator at the Foreign Trade Department

Alexey Balakin. Ivan Goncharov as a participant of negotiations with the Japanese (based on materials from the Russian State Archive of the Navy)

Mikhail Stroganov. New materials on life and work of Spiridon Drozhzhin. Issues of studying a folk poet

Elena Milyugina. Spiridon Drozhzhin’ literary self-reflection: Based on Tver State University Scientific Library collections

Alexander Mets. The Mandelstam brothers in Koktebel (1916)

Olga Blinova. Zinaida Gippius reading works from her Paris library

Alexander Danilevsky. “Aliens” and “enemies” in Lev Samoilov’s works of the Estonian period (1945–1952)

Nikolay Bogomolov. Konstantin Bolshakov in military service: Revisiting the issue


Nikolay Serebrennikov. The beginning and the end of Russian religious philosophy

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