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2021 №22

Author: Alexander L. Sobolev
About the author:

Alexander L. Sobolev, independent researcher, Moscow, Russia.

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The article presents Vyacheslav Ivanov's student files from the archives of Moscow University, where Ivanov studied for four semesters in 1884 –1886 at the Faculty of History and Philology (but did not complete the full course). Some documents demonstrate the course of student Ivanov’s work at ancient Greek and Latin literature classes, and at the courses he took by historians V. Guerrier and V. Klyuchevsky. Of particular importance are the documents attached to the case about Ivanov's childhood and school years, containing detailed information about the father of the future writer (I. Ivanov's formulary list of 1871). These are the birth and baptismal certificate of Vyach. Ivanov, a certificate of the 1st Moscow Gymnasium with excellent marks in all subjects, a military registration certificate, etc. The student file contains also the decision of the spiritual consistory of 1896 on the annulment of Ivanov’s first marriage with a ban to enter into a new marriage.

Keywords: biography of the writer, Vyacheslav Ivanov, Russian literature of the early 20th century, Moscow University, formulary list, publication of archival documents.
For citation:

Sobolev, A.L. “Vyacheslav Ivanov’s University File as a Biographical Source.” Literaturnyi fakt, no. 4 (22), 2021, pp. 252–271. (In Russ.) 


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