2016 №1-2

Author: Oleg Korostelev
About the author:

Oleg A. Korostelev, PhD, deputy director, M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

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The paper is dedicated to the survived V.N. Bunina’s handwritten newspaper “Vesty iz Passy” (“News of Passy”) (Leeds Russian Archive) which was released in the spring of 1940, after Vera Bunina had moved from Grasse to Paris. It is shown that the newspaper was not a periodical as such; rather it was chosen by V.N. Bunina epistolary form of a dialogue with her husband and other residents of the Jeannette villa, who remained in the south of France. Before that Vera Bunina used to make attempts to attract her husband’s attention in various ways, for example by sending him pages from her diary instead of letters. The newspaper to a certain extent pursued the same goal. This hypothesis is confirmed by I.A. Bunin’s letters with the response to the information from the newspaper. The commented complete set of the newspaper issues attached to the article. The texts are to be published in the volume of I.A. and V.N. Bunin’s letters which is being prepared for the series Literaturnoe Nasledstvo (Literary Heritage) and will be either a part of the main corpus of the correspondence or will be placed in the Appendix.

Keywords: Russian emigre community, I.A. Bunin, V.N. Bunina, periodicals, correspondence.

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