2016 №1-2

Author: Abram I. Reitblat
About the author:

Abram I. Reitblat, PhD, “Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie” / Library Russian Art, Moscow, Russia:

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F.V. Bulgarin in his voluminous “Memoirs” (1846–1849) didn’t come to the period of his own literary and editing activity; however the republished fragments of his recollections –forgotten feuilletons from “Severnaya Pchela” contain information on the Russian writers of the first half of the XIXth century, whom he knew very well. He gives the details and corrections to the biographical publications about them, characterizes their creative work. In the sketches published Bulgarin recollects writers and journalists he knew – Osip Senkovsky, Alexander Izmailov, Anton Del’vig, Nikolay Yazykov, Pavel Katenin.

Keywords: F. Bulgarin, memoirs, literary biography

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