2016 №1-2

Author: Alexander Sobolev
About the author:

Alexander L. Sobolev, freelance researcher, Moscow, Russia.

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Fragments of the early diaries by Mihkail Gershenzon (1869–1925), a writer and a historian, from his personal fund in the Collection of Manuscripts of the Russian State Library are published for the first time. The diary of 1894–1895 reports his literary work, regular history studies, conversations with his tutor Prof. Pavel Vinogradov, the death of Alexander III, gives an idea of Moscow stage and musical life. The main topic of the diary is Gershenzon’s musing on his feelings to Maria Goldenweiser (who later becomes his wife), a sister of his University school-fellow; the diary contains poems devoted to her. Gershenzon plans his studies in the XIXth century Russian literary history and social life, puts down his thoughts about the role of an individuality in the course of history and historical progress (a fragment of Diary of the Madman). The entry of 1906 (or, probably, 1907) is dedicated to existential and social musings over ones’ mission in life.

Keywords: Mikhail Gershenzon, diary, Maria Goldenweiser, Gershenzon’s poems, literary life at the turn of the XIXth – early XXth century.

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