Elena Obatnina. Studies on A.M. Remizov’s creative biography: “…either to Russia, or to Paris…” 1923

Alexey Remizov. “At the Evening Dawn”. A chapter from the manuscript; Letters to S.P. Remizova-Dovgello. 1923. Commentaries by Elena Obatnina.

Editing by Elena Obatnina and Anna Uriupina

Mark Altschuller. “Subnovel” by Vasily Betaki and the Pushkin tradition. Vasily Betaki. The Hero of the 60s: Subnovel


Nikolay Bogomolov, Alexander Sobolev. Alexander Kondratiev’s letters to Valery Bryusov (conclusion)


Editorial note

Margarita Abolina. Ivan Bunin and publishing activities of the Russian émigrés (1920–1955)

Anton Bakuntsev. “The most bitter black-hundredist and bullhead, he’s putrefied completely…”: Ivan Nazhivin on Ivan Bunin (1930s)

Elda Garetto. Rinaldo Küfferle (1903–1955) — a translator, publisher, critic and correspondent of Ivan Bunin (based on papers from private and editorial archives)

Svetlana Garziano. Little-studied French-language literary criticism of I.A. Bunin’ works in the light of the first wave of Russian émigrés

Anastasia Gorobets. On both sides of the iron curtain: Ivan Bunin and Antonin Ladinsky

Tatiana Dvinyatina. Bunin’s diaries of 1920–1953: Textual aspect

Patrizia Deotto. Ivan Bunin: Three autobiographical notes

Vera Tsareva-Brauner. Previously unknown autographs of Ivan Bunin: Exhibition at Cambridge University (UK)


Konstantin Lappo-Danilevskii. “Anacreontic odes” and “Anacreontic poems” in the 18th century Russian poetry

Igor Vinogradov. N.V. Gogol in Odessa. Forgotten testimonies of his contemporaries (archpriest Anatoly Korochansky’s letter and N.I. Savich’s memoirs)

Ekaterina Vozhik. To observe and sympathize: “Pseudorealism” and the agenda of the literary magazine “Otechestvennye Zapiski” in the late 1840s — early 1850s

Alexander Rychkov. Vladimir Solovyov’s Latin outline in Fedor Dostoevsky’s “The Writer’s Diary”: a scholarly myth or a literary fact

Ludmila Larionova. Unknown inscriptions of Valery Bryusov in the State Public Library for History collection

Roman Timenchik. Notes of a commentator. 8. Alexander Blok’s lost letter

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