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2019 №11

Author: Konstantin Lappo-Danilevskii
About the author:

Konstantin Lappo-Danilevskii, PhD, Doctor Hab. of Philology, Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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The paper critically revises G.A. Gukovskii’s assertion that the 18th century Russian odes are not characterized with thematic consistency. The analysis of certain poetic works shows that since the early 1760s there existed in Russian literature, besides Anacreontic odes, “Anacreontic poems”, a smaller genre with obvious formal rules.

Keywords: 18th century Russian literature, Anacreontic odes, Anacreontic poems, Anacreontic songs, reception of Antiquity in Russia, poetics, metric pattern of Russian Anacreontic poetry.
For citation:

Lappo-Danilevskii Konstantin Yu. “Anacreontic odes” and “Anacreontic poems” in the 18th century Russian poetry. Literary fact, 2019, no. 1(11), pp. 384–402. (In Russ.)

DOI 10.22455/2541-8297-2019-11-384-402


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