2016 №1-2

Author: Evgenia Stroganova
About the author:

Stroganova Evgenia Nakhimovna, Doctor Hab. of Philology, Professor at Kosygin Russian State University Tver’/Moscow, Russia.

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The purpose of this paper is the analysis of literary critical including unknown ones epistolary comments of Elizaveta Sailas De Tournemire (E. Tur) on Leo Tolstoy. It shows that the authoress highly appreciated Tolstoy’s pencraft and talent for writing, but had a bias against him as a person. In the letters of Elizaveta Salias De Tournemire there is an evidence of her acquiantance with the writer which had not been known before.

Keywords: Elizaveta Salias De Tournemire, Leo Tolstoy, relationship, epistolary comments, writer’s talent, negative personal attitude.

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